Services offered by Kiambu Rentals

Kiambu Rentals offers services that makes your rental experience worthwhile.These are:

House Hunting

house hunting

House hunting is a tedious job and we know you do not have time for it.Do not sweat it, have Kiambu Rentals do it for you. At no cost at all! That’s an amazing deal.

We have many rental options ready for you.From bedsitters to mansions.



Moving Help



Are you moving and would like a helping hand?Do not worry we have a helping hand for you.

We have professionals to help you pack and unpack as you move without much of a hassle.




Kiambu Rentals Movers

You want a mover ASAP? Do not stress we have you covered.A mover that has experience in the field and trustworthy too.


House Cleaning



You want someone to clean your house when you are at work? Well do not bother yourself we have the right personnel for you.



DSTV Installation


The DSTV installation is giving you a hard time?Do not bother we have the right person in waiting for you.Other electrical gadgets should not give you any problems.Contact us and we will be ready.



Carpet and Sofa Washing.

cleaning house

The carpet and sofas have some stains and you are having visitors coming?Do not worry have Kiambu Rentals do it for you.



Office Cleaning


The office looks untidy and you do not have a cleaner in mind?Do not stress yourself have Kiambu Rentals make it through clean for the board meeting.


Handy man

handy man pic

You require a person to help run chores around.When having excess workload.e.g When having a party do not worry.Call us and we will provide you with the right person for you.





You require custom furniture to suit your style and taste we have the right person for you.The furniture are classic and modern.We can also refurbish the old ones you have to look new and fresh.




We pledge to do the above services with professionalism and passion.

Why hire our services?

  •  Background-and identity checked professionals.
  •  Affordable pricing
  •  Friendly 24/7 customer service.
  •  Commitment to the job.

What are you waiting for?We are only a click away from you.

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