Frequently Asked Questions About Kiambu.(F.A.Q)

Frequently Asked Questions About Kiambu.(F.A.Q)

Frequently Asked Questions About Kiambu.(F.A.Q).These are some questions which those moving from other areas to Kiambu ask.

  1. How safe is Kiambu?

Kiambu has had a long history of insecurity.However, this is a long and bygone case.Kiambu now is among the safest places to live or work.

2. How are Rentals in Kiambu?

There are many rental listings coming up in Kiambu.This depends on places you want to live.The rentals now built are modern with top notch finishing.

3. Most Common places to live in Kiambu?

There are a bunch of them, Thindigua along Kiambu Road, Kirigiti, Kiambu town, Ruaka, Ndumberi among others such as ruiru.

 4. The distant from Nairobi CBD to Kiambu?

The distant to Kiambu town from Nairobi is about 17 kilometres.This is a 30-45 minutes drive.

5. The bus fare from Nairobi town to Kiambu Town?

Mostly the bus fare from Nairobi to Kiambu is about KSH 60/ and KSH 50/.

6. How do you get rentals, land or property in Kiambu?

There are various ways which you can use to get the results.However, the easiest and most efficient one is using our website to procure one.

 7. How are Schools in Kiambu?

Schools in Kiambu are many and also performing well.Education in Kiambu is keenly adhered to.

  8. How is the environment in Kiambu?

Kiambu is a place with a moderate population with a serene and clean environment.


Kiambu Rentals
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Telephone: +254 716 675 294
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