5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Land in Kamulu KBC. Have a read and make your judgement.Book a viewing and make your own assessment.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Land in Kamulu KBC


It’s easy to be skeptical of land being sold in Kenya.After all there are so many fake land selling agents.However, it is equally important to invest in land.You should strike a fine balancing between the two.

Kamulu (KBC) is one growing area you should have a look at.There are many reasons to invest in land here.However, we shall highlight a few.

  1. Growing Area. Kangundo road is one of the fastest growing roads in Nairobi. Ruai, malaa,Kamulu,Joska and now KBC. This is a rapidly growing area.Future looks promising since the Kangundo road will be dual carriage.You should invest now before the value sky rockets. Machakos county is one of the fastest growing county in Kenya.Be part of the growth.Invest today.

    5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Land in Kamulu KBC
    Our latest project in Kamulu kbc
  2. Flat Area.You will struggle to find an extensive land which is flat. Kamulu (kbc) has this feature.The drainage is impeccable.When looking for a residential land this is an important feature.Building becomes easy on a flat terrain.Build in one of the most flat areas in Kenya.Come and see for yourself.

    5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Land in Kamulu KBC
    Clients inspecting our latest project in Kamulu kbc
  3. Clean Documents. Land is one of the most faked investment in Kenya.It is easy to loose money in Land than anywhere in Kenya.With growing industry in Kenya be cautious.Come to our project and title deeds are readily available.
  4. Fair Prices. Land prices in Kenya have become very exorbitant.Some years back land in Kamulu was sold at Ksh 150,000/.Now the price is from Ksh 550,000/.These prices compared to others in Kenya is cheap by any standard.Now put the cost of construction then most Kenyans cant afford them.Come to this area and by 2 or three years you will brag how you got it at a cheap price.
  5. Growing County. Machakos county is one of the growing counties in Kenya.The roads are all in place.The policies and procedure such as an approval of houses among others are smooth.This is compared to other counties in Kenya.The fact that most building materials are found in this County counts for something.

    5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Land in Kamulu KBC
    Be part of the growth in Kenya

These are just some simple reasons on top of my mind.However, i would challenge you to visit this place and make your own conclusion.Some years later you will wish you had invested here.We have now sold out 9 phases and the value grown.

You wish to invest in a residential plot here.Click below on the link on the photo.Come and get a plot at a cheap price of Ksh 550k only.With arranged bank financing for one year.Or click here


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