Thindigua,Ruaka, Kirigiti Becoming Kenya’s Bedroom Towns.

Thindigua,Ruaka, Kirigiti Becoming Kenya’s Bedroom Towns.

Thindigua,Ruaka, Kirigiti Becoming Kenya’s Bedroom Towns.

Thindigua,Ruaka, Kirigiti Becoming Kenya’s Bedroom Towns. These towns are fast developing and the real estate industry is in the heart of this.There are numerous reasons why people are preferring to live in these towns.They are moving from the city life to the semi-urban towns.

The buildings done there are classy and tenants enjoy the amenities that come with them.In this post we are going to explore the reason why people want to live in this upcoming towns compared to others.

Why live in Thindigua?

To be honest houses in Thindigua are a bit expensive,though do not be afraid they offer more than the price indicates.Thindigua is near Runda for those who do not know.

The estate quickly mushroomed with storey buildings and flocked with tenants.This did not take long before other developments came.Most people prefer Thindigua due to it’s proximity to both Nairobi and Kiambu Town.It is close to Nairobi and still close to Kiambu Town.So accessing those two towns is easy from Thindigua.

Classy schools have mushroomed  and also supermarkets.Nakumatt ridge-ways is near Thindigua and the new Quick mart supermarket.

Thindigua Quickmartmart opening
Thindigua Quickmartmart opening

Why live in Kirigiti?

First for those who do not know Kirigiti is after Kiambu Town.It homes thousands of residents in Kiambu.It has houses which are a bit cheaper compared to Thindigua.

kirigiti town

Getting to Kirigiti is easy,get a mat from Tao and alight in Kiambu Town.Then get another mat from Kiambu and pay Ksh 20/ and you are home.But in the morning and evenings they are buses and mats from Kirigiti to town directly.

Kirigiti is near Kiambu town,has good security and good schools.The water supply is fresh and the drainage is good too.Those who are tenants and are looking to raise a family this is the ideal place to rent.T

The Kiambu County proposes it will built a talent theater in Kirigiti and the construction is underway.So in the not so far future Kirigiti will house the Kiambu County most bright brains and talents.

Thindigua,Ruaka, Kirigiti Becoming Kenya's Bedroom Towns.


Why Live in Ruaka?

Ruaka is far much developed than the later two towns in Kiambu.It has numerous houses and the standard of living is more or less that of Nairobi.It is becoming congested and hence Kirubi’s 2 river project.

The development in Ruaka is second to none.The multi billion dollar 2 river project is the largest in East Africa!So in some coming months or years then it will be a huge town.The houses in Ruaka are a bit similar to Thindigua but slightly higher.

Thindigua,Ruaka, Kirigiti Becoming Kenya's Bedroom Towns.
Million Dollar 2 river project in Ruaka

There are a lot of reasons to why Thindigua,Ruaka, Kirigiti Becoming Kenya’s Bedroom Towns.

  1. Clean serene environment.
  2. No people congestion
  3. Performing schools.
  4. Environment to raise a family with kids.
  5. Fair priced houses to let.
  6. The food is cheap and fresh.
  7. Rich potential

Thindigua,Ruaka, Kirigiti Becoming Kenya’s Bedroom Towns. And we are happy to host Kenya in Kiambu County.

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  1. Need a house 3 bedroom at Thindigua range from 30k on wards with good road access,Security.
    Within maximum 2 weeks

  2. Thindigua houses are much more expensive than Ruaka, reason being, Thindigua lands are sold in 1/2 and 3/4 acres where as at Ruaka people buy and sell 1/4 and less than that, hence the house rental variation. Currently a 2 bedroom is going for 35-45k and a 3 bedroom can go upto 50k-70k. These are apartments. Own compound houses are also available but more expensive.

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