Step By Step Procedure of Buying Land in Kenya.Read and be in the know.

Land buying is not a complicated process.However, caution should be practiced.Be on the know when buying a land in Kenya.Many Kenyans have lost their hard earned money in this process.

Step By Step Procedure of Buying Land in Kenya
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We have done the steps below and made them as simple as possible. Follow Step By Step Procedure of Buying Land in Kenya

Step By Step Procedure of Buying Land in Kenya

  1. Search at Ministry of Lands.This is usually the first thing to consider when buying land.That is why you have to ask for the copy of title deed.The search is done at the land ministry or the county land office.Search is done to establish the real owner of the land.Also done to ascertain whether the land is charged by loan .A court order also barring sale of land appears on the search.Make sure you do the search yourself and it takes two hours.
  2. Land rates.Land rates are done at the county level.Visit the county office and have a clearance certificate.It varies from county to county.If there are unpaid rates decide with the seller who will bear the cost.
  3. Land Map. Visit a local surveyor and get a map of the place.There a 2 types of maps.One drawn to scale (mutation).The other map shows the neighboring. Those maps reveal lot about land which we might buy blindly.

    Step By Step Procedure of Buying Land in Kenya
    Land map
  4. Ground Verification.With the map now you can visit the land.Make sure that you see all the four beacons.Go with  a tape measure to ascertain the true measurement.The neighbours should be agreement about the borders.

    Step By Step Procedure of Buying Land in Kenya
    Beacon verification
  5. Agreement.An agreement should be drawn between the two.Usually done by a lawyer. Make sure the spouse of the seller is present for spousal consent.
  6. Post Agreement Transaction.This depends on the agreement drawn.After the initial deposit payment.Make sure the title is in custody of a lawyer to avoid complications.Pay in cash or transfer based on the agreement.
  7. Land Control Board.This is where assistant county commissioner and elders meet once a month.They give the final consent of whether the land should be sold or not.However they is a special land board which is preferential.You can do the normal board or special board. 
  8. Land Transfer.This is a step where transfer forms are signed after the above steps are fulfilled.The new title is done after 2 weeks.Make sure the new title has the correct details e.g your names.
  9. Stamp Duty and Transfer Fees.You will need to pay up the stamp duty based on the value of land.Four per cent for municipalities and two per cent for reserve.
  10. Post Purchase Activity.Most land buyers neglect this step.However, this last step makes for certain that all the process was not in vain. After one week, the buyer should do another search with the Ministry of Lands to confirm that the land now reads his/her details.

These are main basic steps acquiring land in Kenya.Now you know.Want to invest with us?Welcome to our newest project.

Step By Step Procedure of Buying Land in Kenya
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