Why Real Estate Will Boom In Kiambu County

Why Real Estate Will Boom In Kiambu County

Why Real Estate Will Boom In Kiambu County.With the new government comes new changes.

Why Real Estate Will Boom In Kiambu County.

We are not political in nature.However, politics affect many facets of our lives.Whether we like it or not.The kind of leaders we have chosen will determine the direction of this country.Kiambu County has massive potential and if realized then it can be an economic giant.

With proper planning then Kiambu county will grow at a fast rate.Kiambu is close to Nairobi hence it has become an obvious choice.For those looking for a place to live near the Nairobi CBD.Kiambu town is a mere 15 kilometers from Nairobi.On a clear traffic, you can take 15 -20 minutes drive to Kiambu town.So close for the working class.The planned duo carriage expansion Kiambu road will ease the growing traffic.

Kiambu appeals to many due to its green scenery.The silence and serenity make one feel one with nature.You can wake up with a chiming melody of a bird and soft breeze from the trees.It is not as crowded as most towns.This is a good thing since raising a family in a cool place is a plus.The apartments built here have room for Kids to play.

Why Real Estate Will Boom In Kiambu County

In the recently concluded elections, a change of governor was experienced.The old governor suppressed real estate industry.They charged very high fees for approval of house plans.This made people to shy away from real estate.

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The incumbent Kiambu government will make sure real estate has been revived.One of the principal in the government is a real estate mogul.Hence this will provide Kenyans who wish to invest in Kiambu County a chance to venture in real estate.We expect many rentals and property to come up in the county and this will drive the economy up.

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For those wishing to invest in real estate in Kiambu, this can be a good opportunity for you.Take this chance before the industry has been invaded and prices are driven very high.


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