Eastern Bypass, Ruiru Membely Estate 00900

From 16m
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Eastern Bypass, Ruiru Membely Estate 00900

From 16m

4 Bedroom maisonette For Sale Membley Estate Ruiru

House - Ruiru Membely Estate

4 Bedroom Maisonette For Sale Membley Estate Ruiru.This is a unique maisonette you will see all day.Tag along for more.

 4 Bedroom Maisonette For Sale Membley Estate Ruiru

4 Bedroom maisonette For Sale Membley Estate Ruiru

Membley Estate

This is an estate that has mushroomed in the heart of Kiambu County.Mortgage Calculator.It is planted along the Eastern Bypass which touches the Thika Superhighway.Look at other properties in our listings is an already developed place when it comes to development.It is a controlled development hence no flats allowed.Security in this estate is there with the presence of guards manning the gates.

The Maisonette-4 Bedroom Maisonette For Sale Membley Estate Ruiru

The house is a unique design.You will struggle to see many houses built in that design.It is a mix of American design with a blend of African taste.


The color scheme chosen is spectacular which blends seamlessly.It is 4 bedroomed with all being ensuite.It has a detached servant quarter with a front and backyard lawn.This can act as a very good playing area for kids or to hold some house parties.The uppermost part of the house is a resting place with a really beautiful view.Looking for a Car?


The sitting room.

The sitting room is both spacious and well lit.It can accommodate between 25-30 guests.

The ambient light of the house is awesome the large windows make the room well lit.One side of the wall is made of Mazeras.Giving it a wow look.The sitting room also has a beautifully crafted hanging chandaria.

The color scheme of the sitting room is off the chain we might add.Pictures do not do justice to this house.

Separate Dining Area.

The dining area is separate from the sitting room but attached to the American open plan Kitchen.The dining area has a large window which allows massive light in the house.

The room is spacious with a good plan.

American Open Plan Kitchen.

The kitchen is made of the above design.Yes, American Open Plan.

It opens up to the dining area.It is massive with double sinks and finishing is top notch.It has a pantry area with many kitchen cabinets.It has a door that opens up to the servant quarter and backyard lawn.

The Bedrooms.

Bedrooms are all ensuite with pre-built wardrobes.All the bedrooms are ensuite.

The shower place

Master Bedroom

This the centerpiece of this house.

After a long tiring day in the office, you want to relax and unwind?Who would not want that?The master bedroom has the amenities to make you feel relaxed.

It is spacious with a dressing area and a water tab.

The room has that home feel.The large windows facing outside for a good view.

The roof Top Resting Area.

This house has a lot of rest areas.However, this beats them all.


What is better than sitting in that rocking chair watch as the sun sinks down or rise.Or better else watch the stars in the skies in the comfort and security of your home.

Hold those birthday parties on the roof top sounds like a good idea?

We could not compress all this into one piece make a date and come see for your sake.Do not imagine all these.They are found in this maisonette.Write us your offer for this unique house and make it your new home.Own class, uniqueness with a personal touch of heavenly design.

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