Make Money Buying Or Renting High-End Apartments in Kenya.

Make Money Buying Or Renting High-End Apartments in Kenya.

Make Money Buying Or Renting High-End Apartments in Kenya.You doubt me?Well, let’s walk down the road to see how.

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We have been in the real estate for some years now.And yes, the industry is insane in Kenya.The prices charged for buying or renting have become crazy.However, some are affording alright.

Make Money Buying Or Renting High-End Apartments in Kenya.

Those who have invested in real estate have amassed massive returns.Well, let me retract that.Those who have invested strategically have amassed massive returns.

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The rise of high-end apartments in Kenya.Ruaka, Thindigua and Kiambu road is a testament to this.We have individuals who are making a kill buying or renting them.How? Well, the few individuals we have interacted have bought or rented them as an investment.

The following are the ways.

  1. Buying for renting.Some places are very strategic.Name Ruaka or Kiambu road those places are near Nairobi CBD.Hence they are always marketable.Individuals are buying apartments from these areas and renting them out.They easily get tenants and they pay a good amount of rent.
  2. Renting and furnishing.Some people are not in a position to buy the apartments.The y have rented the apartments and furnished them.Once they furnish them they rent them out and receive good money from that.The demand for furnished apartments is on high in Kenya.The furnished apartments are mostly common with foreigners or Kenyans living abroad and wish to come and visit.Once you get an apartment in a strategic location and furnish it well.Then your returns will be a steady flow of income.
  3. Buying and Furnishing it.This is similar to renting.Once you have bought an apartment you can furnish it and rent it out.You will receive a good amount of your investment at no time.Paying for that apartment will be easy and pain-free.At the end the day the apartment will belong to you.
  4. Starting a service industry.Most schools, day cares in these areas were started by people who were crazy enough to assume that risk.Most people living in these apartments and are mostly busy.The why don’t you start a day care center for their kids?You will charge them good money to make rent, pay yourself and make a profit.Supply them with a service they can’t find in the locality add value and you can make money.

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When it comes to investing look at where you will make returns on your capital.Why would you invest your money to buy a shamba/plot in a remote area and hope it appreciates in value.Most people are young and waiting for 5 years to sell the shamba at a profit which is not guaranteed.Buying Maina’s Kageni’s plot which comes cheap but the truth they don’t give value for money.

Make Money Buying Or Renting High-End Apartments in Kenya.

Most people are have tried reselling the plots to no avail.Not even at profit or even at cost.When it comes to real estate go where the people are.You will make money in no time.So you think you can’t afford the 100,000/ think again.

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