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1. Do you have a rental space ? 2. Do you have Property you are selling? 3. Do you have land Looking to sell ? Well, if you have the above questions the we can help you. We shall help you in the search for both tenants and buyers. We have a database of people looking for. Space to rent -From single rooms , bedsitters , 1 bedroom , 2 bedroom 3 bedrooms and above 4 bedrooms. We also look for commercial space too. We list furnished apartments/houses. If it can be rented we can do that on your behalf. We also have a large database of people looking for properties to buy. House for sale ? Apartment unit for sale ? We got you. Selling land ?this is the hottest asset in Kenya at present. We sell the land relative ease. Sit and relax and let us bring money to you.

Landlords listing property in Kiambu Rentals.

Landlords listing property in Kiambu Rentals.There are a lot of benefits of Landlords listing their rental space in Kiambu Rentals.

Have you a property you want to sell?

A Land you want to sell with no brokers?

Or rental space, either  residential or commercial?

Fill the form below and we will do all the work for you.


Landlords listing property in Kiambu Rentals.

  1. Easy access: Kiambu rentals website is easily accessible to potential tenants.
  2. Numerous tenants list. We have a list of potential tenants who wish to relocate to Kiambu and we will refer them to your property.
  3. Your premises will always be filled with tenants. We will make sure that we have someone stand by in case one of you tenants moves, ensuring revenue throughout the year.
  4. Lack of time for potential tenants moving from house to house asking for vacancy.
  5. Property exposure: For those selling their property it is a good way of exposing their property to a bigger audience.
  6. The charges we ask are small and we ask after landing you the tenant. We do not ask for fees before referring a tenant to your premises.

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