Ting’ang’a Residential & Commercial Plots For Sale. We have some deals which are worth looking at here.

We have some recently listed plots in Ting’ang’a for sale. 50 by 100 feet and 100 by 100 feet .In a very good neighborhood and near the road. Asking price for a 50 by 100 feet in this project is 3.5m and for 100 by 100 feet plot is Ksh 8.5m .We have one touching the road which is touching the tarmac for 8.5m.For viewing call/whatsapp us on 0202400187


Ting'ang'a Residential & Commercial Plots For Sale
we have some plots touching the road

This is a growing center in Kiambu. It is a serene area with beautiful trees and fresh air. It is a developed area with both commercial and residential plots for sale. The title deeds are free hold. The area has good schools both pre-school and primary school. One such school  is called Star Shine which is a well performing school .It has both pre-school and primary school.

The roads are tarmacked and smooth. This is a place that is developing and those who have an eye for investment will tell. The road connects the Kiambu-Githunguri to Migaa. This road has opened the center so much however prices of land have not sky rocketed.

Ting'ang'a Residential & Commercial Plots For Sale

The Plots For Sale In Ting’ang’a

The plots for sale in Ting’ang’a are from an eighth to half acre plots. The soil type is red soil which is  suitable for farming. Water and electricity are both in the area. The topography of the land is flat and one can put  house without hassle. The access roads to the plots are murram done and easily accessible.

check out some plots for sale in a gated community click on the link below.

Amenities-Ting’ang’a Residential & Commercial Plots For Sale

  1. Ample water which is both borehole and municipal/project water.
  2. Good schools-From pre-schools , primary schools and secondary schools.
  3. Clinics and dispensary-Also near Kiambu General Hospital.
  4. Near Shopping Mall-3 kilometers from Kiambu Mall.
  5. Good neighborhood and fresh farm produce.

These are some of the amenities we have here. However, come for viewing and see for yourself.

Financial Obligations

Ting'ang'a Residential & Commercial Plots For Sale

  1. 50 by 100 Plots starting from 1.5m-4m. Depending on the distance from the road.
  2. 100 by 100 plots ranging from 3m-7. Depending on the distance from the center.
  3. Quarter acre plots which ranges from 5m on-wards.
  4. Half acre Plots ranging from 9m onwards.

These plots are suitable for investing where one can buy and wait then sell later. Also ideal for residential where you can built your dream house there.


Ting'ang'a Residential & Commercial Plots For Sale

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