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40 by 80 Plot sold in Kamulu by owner at a bargain.

Sold -

Plot sold in Kamulu presents a good business opportunity.

40 by 80 Plot sold in Kamulu by owner at a bargain.

The piece of property is suited in Kamulu.This is a place where land is appreciating in value.

The amount of money sold for this land is not hyped but the real value.

 Plot sold in Kamulu

The land is near the road.Hence you will drive to the plot.

As seen above it is an already developed place with infrastructures and also has potential to grow more.

The place is already grown and suitable for putting up a residential or commercial building.

The plot has a ready title deed and transfer will be immediate once you buy it.

The following are the pictures of the vicinity of the plot

 Plot sold in Kamulu

It is approximately 500 meters from the above picture of the Catholic church.

This plot is not sold by a broker by the original owner whose reasons for selling are personal.

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This presents a good value for business for investors and those wishing to settle.

We have taken pictures of the nearby places as we drive by and those interested shall be taken to the shamba.

 Plot sold in Kamulu



The environment is conducive for business or settling.Due to the growing population, it’s  value will surely rise and can be a safe investment bet.

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