Muthithi Gardens, Kiambu 00900

From 15 Million Negotiable
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Muthithi Gardens, Kiambu 00900

From 15 Million Negotiable

Muthithi Gardens Land For Sale

- Muthithi Gardens Kiambu

Muthithi Gardens Land For Sale. Suitable for residential or school development.

Muthithi Gardens Land For Sale

Muthithi Gardens Land For Sale

Muthithi garden is an Estate along the growing Kiambu road.

It is right opposite Kiambu Institute Of Science and Technology (KIST).

The estate has a  quiet and serene environment to go by.

Alliance Girls High school can be found on this estate.

Galot Training for police can also be found on this estate.


There are a lot of amenities found in this estate which we can not list them all.

The people living in this estate are the affluent since it is a controlled development.

This estate is better than Muthaiga and the other upcoming estates as it offers real value for your money than other over hyped estates in Kenya.

Muthithi Gardens Land For Sale

Do not take my word for it.Come down and see the serenity and tranquillity this place offers.

You will feel being in a different country.The breeze and the clean air.Wow boy, you will love this.

The environment is not polluted and the population is also small.

Buying a property in this area is the real deal.


You will get your returns on investment eventually.

You wish to build your dream home?Build it in your dream estate.

The roads leading to the estate are clean and well kept.

Security in this area is a guaranteed.

Muthithi Gardens Land For Sale

The fact you do not know it makes it better.This means not most Kenyans know about it.

Build your mansion in a worthy neighborhood.Surrounded by the best environment Kenya has to offer.

The developments along this estate have kept this estate a quite and clean one and intend to remain like that for years to come.

You do not like noise?People trespassing right left and center?Then this is your ideal land to buy.

The land is in the heart of all good developing along Kiambu Road.

Do not be left behind. Buy a piece of Muthithi Gardens and you will never regret.

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