Kirigiti Commercial Land for Sale.We have a special land for sale in Kirigiti. Those who can spot an investment opportunity are welcome.

Kirigiti Commercial Land for Sale

Kirigiti Commercial Land for Sale

Location-Kiambu Kirigiti.

Kirigiti is one of the most populous places in Kiambu. With this number business opportunities are never ending.It is about 15 kilometers from Nairobi.

The Land for sale.

Kirigiti Commercial Land for Sale

We have a 50 by 100 feet land for sale.It has a structure in place though not finished.It was intended to be a garage site.It has a very good location since is it near the famous Kirigiti stadium.The property is well fenced.

Ideal for?

This land is ideal for the following commercial purposes.

  1. Garage
  2. social joints such as clubs
  3. Any commercial venture excluding an apartment.

We are open for offers on this property.Kindly fill the form Below



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