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Kiambu Rentals Welcomes You To Your Next Home.

Kiambu rentals is your online answer for rentals and properties in Kiambu.Looking for a house to rent?An apartment to buy or rent?Or better else, you wish to buy land in Kiambu.We are the answer to your prayers.

Rentals in Kiambu.

We offer different categories of building rentals for different budgets and different locations.

  • Bedsitters units
  • 1 Bedroom units
  • 2Bedroom units
  • Apartments for Sale
  • Homes for rent or for sale

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Apartments In Kiambu

Kiambu Rentals


We have listed apartments for both sale and rent purposes.Different locations in Kiambu.

Find your desired apartment in Kiambu.We will provide virtual tour with clear pictures and precise locations.

We will update you on the amenities on the location and the proximity to the main road.

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Land in Kiambu

Looking for a car?

We have plenty of land in Kiambu.The land is the only asset that appreciates in Value.In conjunction with trusted real estate agents and land owners.We will offer land at competitive prices.Before you buy we will suffice you with all the information about the land.When you are comfortable you will proceed with the purchase.We have authority in Kiambu and our advice will save you years of heart -ache.

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Kiambu Rentals
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