Kenyans love New Apartments and Malls.

Kenyans love New Apartments and Malls.

Kenyans love New Apartments and Malls.

Kenyans love new apartments and malls.The smell of new paint or the idea that they were the first, propel them to rush to the new apartments.Well, I believe this does not apply to Kenyans alone but majority humans.With an exemption with those in love with oldies.Looking at this statement it presents both a problem and an opportunity in the real estate world.All new things will grow old eventually would you agree with me.

Apartments Space

New apartments and malls come with a lot of fancy amenities and are so progressive.They tend to solve some problems tenants have.This presents tenants with many options to live as they want.New apartments tend to be bigger and more spacious than the old ones.Designers have recognized this problem and added some extra space to their house designs.Some apartments were so small that you wonder who they intended to live there.Elves perhaps, the space is so squeezed that the balcony presents a bigger space than some rooms.

Look at the below video to see an apartment that fits the bill.

Apartment’s Parking

New apartments have increased the size of their parking.Apartments with malls  and parking go hand in hand.Any developer neglecting that fact is lying to themselves or do not know what they are doing.Some apartments are very fancy but looking at their parking nonexistence or squeezed makes them loose out valuable clients.Who would live in a place where their cars are parked outside or in a squeezed parking.The squeezed parking reminds us of the hectic Nairobi jam.

Mitoni Downs Apartments in Kiambu-parking
Mitoni Downs Apartments in Kiambu- Ample parking

Kids Playing Area.

This is no longer a luxury for apartments but a necessity.The kids are the future and neglecting playing space for them makes you look stupid.Where are kids supposed to play?In the house?Or the streets?The apartments with Kids playing area are so thoughtful and valuable to tenants.No one wants to lock their kids in the house all day.So if you are a tenant look for an apartment that offers that.The kids playing area can also double up as a place for hosting parties and ceremonies.Africans we love ceremonies or barbecue.

Mitoni Downs Apartments in Kiambu-backyard (Medium)
Mitoni Downs Apartments in Kiambu- backyard /Kids playing area

Apartments Floor.

The floor of the apartment can say a lot.No one wants to live in a cracked and cold floor yet cough lots of money in the name of rent.New apartments are tiled or wooden done to give the apartment some warmth and appeal.The tiled floors are easy to clean and are much warmer.They give you the vibe you are living in a home not a house.

Cables and TV connectivity.

Some days back we used to see house with lots of aerials hanging.They used to be a competition which aerial hang highest.I mean it was like a forest of aerials.Modern apartments come installed with cable connectivity all you have to do is connect it to the socket.How cool is that?The rest is history.

Change is good.It represents progression hence you as a tenant should not cope with bad conditions of an apartment yet you pay your rent promptly.Kenyans love new apartments and malls and It is allowed to love new things,especially if they new things are apartments or malls.

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