Kenyans Falling Victim of Property Scam

Kenyans Falling Victim of Property Scam

Kenyans Falling Victim of Property Scam.

Kenyans Falling Victim of Property Scam

Kenyans Falling Victim of Property Scam

Owning a property is a dream of most Kenyans.Either land or a house.This need to own property has seen the rise of many scams in the country.For those who fall victim of these scams we sympathize.However, we might add that it is partly your fall.

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Buying a property is not as simple as buying veggies in the Kiosk.Come on this entails spending your hard earned saving.Savings which took years to accumulate.Even most people inspect the veggies they buy from ‘mama boga’.

Do a Due Diligence First

The question is why don’t people perform due diligence on the property they are buying?That beats me.Some people justify that they had checked them out.Realy? We are living in the time of buyer beware.Take a calm approach before making a buying decision.Having been in the property business for some time we have rubbed shoulders with lots of con artist.However, they are easily notable.Once you are keen.Don’t be fooled by the posh office or the nicely done brochures.Some are fooled by the cars the seller are driving.Who does not know they are rentals?

Land Alert

When buying land be extra careful.A land is one of the properties that hard to detect.However, insist on seeing the documents.Take yourself to the lands registry and do the search yourself.Seeing is believing.Verify and if the story doesn’t check out.You are being duped.When visiting the physical place for verification please consult.I watched as a victim of the simple homes narrated how they were taken to a project belonging to another company.My thoughts were why didn’t they ask?Ask the ‘fundis’ the gateman or anyone in the locality?The locals know more than you think.Ignore them at your own peril.One rule we recommend those we find houses for is that ask the neighbours.The owner or the caretakers will not tell all the truth.

Kenyans Falling Victim of Property Scam

The legal document for land is a title.We never said a certificate.Some are being duped in being given a certificate only for the mother title goes to secure a very big loan and you are left to pay.Insist on the title and you will thank us later.

Do not buy property you have not seen.This includes pictures sent via WhatsApp or any channel.Pictures are just pictures.Insist on physically going to see the property.Many are investing in property due to the classy adverts floating in the mainstream media.

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We encountered a client who wanted to invest in apartment purchase and they didn’t know where they are located.

Kenyans Falling Victim of Property Scam

Owning property is good.However, do not make the most basic mistakes Kenyans are making.Do the most of the basic due diligence on the property before committing your hard earned money.

Be wise invest wisely.


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