How to get your Dream Rental House in Kenya

How to get your Dream Rental House in Kenya

How to get your Dream Rental House in Kenya.We have a six things you should do to get that dream rental house you have been looking for.

How to get your Dream Rental House in Kenya

The process of house hunting is a stress one.Especially in Kenya where many real estate agents are con artist.This makes the process even more stressful.

How do you then a the dream rental house you have been looking for?Well, we can help with this six stages of house hunting.

How to get your Dream Rental House in Kenya

  1. Make a list.You should make a list of all amenities you are looking for in a house.This includes the location, distance from road,balcony (private or shared), apartment or bungalow/maisonette.Armed with this list it will be very easy to eliminate those that don’t have those features.When making this list kindly leave a room for other upcoming development in the market.
  2. Shop for options.We have very many agents online.Ask for options in the market and they will forward the open listings.You can have a list of the ones they send you so you can analyse them with you partner or another eye.
  3. View options.This should be the first in the list.Make sure you view the houses.The photos sent are okay but things are different on the ground.Make sure you carry decision makers during viewing time.This eliminates time during decision making
  4. Make comparisons.Having viewed all the houses and probably taking photos and pin of the location.Compare each house with rent and amenities it provides.This makes sure you get the best value for your money.
  5. Make a decision.It is true its hard to find a house that fits the bill 100%.The one that comes close and one you are comfortable in should be the one you pick.The decision process comes with making a booking or commitment money.This makes sure you don’t loose a house you had liked.
  6. Moving in.This is usually the last step.Make sure you vet the paying account.It is advisable to meet the owner or the managing agent and sign a lease agreement before moving in.This will protect you from other hidden charges or rent increment in future.

Having followed this simple steps you can get you dream house in a heart beat.Make sure the person you are dealing with checks out.Avoid those funny stories given by con people.Do not pay a house you have not viewed.This should be a golden rule for any tenant looking for a house.


Also be open minded.heck other listings and you might be surprised.Do not constrict your search in a narrow criteria.

We would like to know incidents that lead you to be conned in house hunting in Kenya.Will appreciate you feedback.

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