5 Fantastic House Hunting Techniques in Kenya

5 Fantastic House Hunting Techniques in Kenya

5 Fantastic House Hunting Techniques in Kenya.

House hunting is not an easy job.Husbands leave it to their wives assuming it is the easiest of the jobs. Which is further from the truth.A house is  just but a house. However when you start living there it ceases to be just a house but a home.They say home is where the heart belongs.If you fail in the house hunting phase chances are you dread going to the house.Well, we will help you with 5 fantastic house hunting techniques which can help you in the treacherous journey of looking for a house.

1. Prepare a checklist.

Hose hunting tecniques in Kenya

A checklist is simply a list,well the list has amenities listed down.When you wish to go and live in new place it is difficult going blindly and accepting the terms given.Since you have your budget in order, you should have a checklist of things you wish your new house to have.For instance if you are a kitchen person ,look at the size of the kitchen.Some of us love spacious sitting room make sure it has the size you desire.There is nothing as more frustrating as finding out your new house can not accommodate all your properties.

2. Online search.

House hunting tecniques

It is  advisable to first go online and shop around.This is fairy easy as all you have to do is look at the properties listed and go back to your checklist and compare.Online research is important as it gives you more options and more information.Online research tends to have pictures to see and listed amenities for the renting space.However make sure that the website is credible and the company listing the properties can vouch for the houses.When conducting an online search make sure you do not fall victim to fraudsters who will swindle your money.For instance Kiambu Rentals do not charge the tenant for showing you the house.We offer that service for free.View our rental listings.Click here.

3.Get visual evidence.

With this phrase we do not mean pictures on the website or sent through Facebook or whatsapp. We mean physically going and inspecting the house yourself.We found out that most fraudsters shop for images online for houses and post them giving the potential tenant the wrong picture of the house.Only for them to go on the ground and realize that the house actually in the picture is not the same one on the ground.Thousands of Tenants have fallen victim to this prank.Getting visual evidence also gives you a chance to inspect the neighborhood and talk to vendors to have a glimpse of the surrounding.Chances are that most landlords or Agents will not tell you what is wrong with the neighborhood.Only after moving in will you realize that some information was left out.So before committing to live in that house please get visual evidence.

4.Financial Terms

We all would want to live where our means can afford.When doing house hunting ask for the financial responsibility that the landlord has bestowed on you.For instance apart from the monthly rent fee what other fees are charged?e.g For some cases apartments charge for security,garbage,water and electricity.Combining all this fees,can you afford the total?The deposit also forms a major stumbling block,know how many months deposit is being asked for.After being comfortable with the financial responsibility then you can commit your money.Make sure there are no hidden charges.

5.Moving Phase.

House hunting techniques in Kenya

This is the last phase of the house hunting process.Ask yourself how easy it is to move to the house.How easily is it accessible?Make sure you move to a pace that is easily accessible.After having surveyed the area and satisfied with the house then you can move in and start your home.To use our moving services,Click Here.

House hunting used to be going from one plot to another asking whether they have a vacant house.It was more like tarmacking and asking for a job from one company to another.Imagine moving from one corner of Kiambu County to another asking for a vacant house?How many house can you actually cover that day and imagine the exhaustion.

Kiambu rentals has simplified that process without any cost!All you have to do is fill in the form titled where do you want to live and Kiambu rentals will do the house hunting for you.Or simply click here.

All the best in your house hunting process.

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