Well, this does not need an introduction to anyone.Does it?We have heard that phrase million times or better used it.Fire is a good servant but a bad master.

Schools are burning, supermarkets and homes and not learn a thing.”Ni bahati mbaya” we say.Is it really bad omen though?Accidents are accidents however if we can prevent them then cant we do something.

This is a personal post.When you experience something like this, it affects you in a way.Being safe should not be a task you leave it to the government.Yet that’s exactly what we have done.Just like the ban on the plastic paper bags.

Why can’t we take charge of our safety? Well, only you can answer that.

When former Kiambu governor launched the fire engines the county thought it was a waste of taxpayers money.Wherever he is he has my respect.Thank you, sir, for seeing far into the future.You might not see my point but once it happens to you.Promise you will understand.

When this happened close to me, it was an eye opener of how ignorant we are.What is done is done.However, let’s learn from it.Respect the fire safety rules.Have precautions.How many have fire extinguishers in their houses or homes?Don’t answer that.

Can we really equate or leave to chance something as grave as our lives or homes?Do you have a fire insurance?I know you are asking why do I need it?I wish you don’t find out the answers to those questions the hard way.

You have a home have some few extinguishers.This can be the difference between life and death.Or your house burning down or salvaging it.Have the fire stations numbers.What for? you ask.Please don’t find out the hard way.

Nobody can predict certain things, however, take the necessary precaution.

Be safe.It’s better to be safe than sorry.Let’s learn from others.

Special thanks to Kiambu fire department.You guys do an amazing job despite the challenges.KUDOS Conrad and your crew.

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