How To Find Valuable Land To Invest In.

How To Find Valuable Land To Invest In.

How To Find Valuable Land To Invest In.Have a read and share your thoughts.

How To Find Valuable Land To Invest In.

Land in Kenya is becoming increasingly expensive and out of reach.This is a truth that most Kenyans face on the ground when buying land.However, can one predict or prophesy that an undervalued land will once be priced that highly?I tend to think one can.How? You ask me.Well, lets see how.

How To Find Valuable Land To Invest In.
Two Rivers Mall during Construction

Ruaka is a very good example of this kind of scenario.Ruaka is a place that has grown exponentially within a short span of time.The value of the land there was greatly undervalued back then.Could one predict that the land prices would shoot?Yes. Some smart investors did and now they are reaping the rewards.A plot in Ruaka would cost between 2.5 million to 4 million (50 by 100 meters).Now it is going for about seventy million (70 million).You read it, wright.

The land around Tatu city for sale.Click here.

How would one know this would happen?It was all over the news, papers journals, nd magazines.Centum company an investing company started that it would build one of the largest malls in East Africa.And true to their word they did.The mall is one of the reasons the prices of land have shoot up.Being a smart investor you ought to have known that land would appreciate in value.

The Next Ruaka

Kiambu s filled with loads of potential, untapped potential.The Kiambu road has seen growth in real estate in recent years.Talk of Thindigua, Kasarini, runda or Fourways junction.These are places which have seen prices in the land shot like gold.

Tatu City

This is one project that had taken a snag but now in full force.This is a massive project that will pull Kenyans from all over to come and invest.However, the land surrounding this place is currently undervalued.Strategic investors will take this as an opportunity to invest and buy land surrounding this area.In some few years, this land will be worth gold.

When buying land in Kiambu you might strike gold.We might help tell us what you are looking for.Plot or land for commercial or residential.we know the right place for you.Before it becomes super expensive.

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