Why Go for the Containers?

This is a new idea in the marketplace.Many people have made money by thinking outside the box or inside the container.Imagine you have leased land for a couple of years.What do you do with it?You want to develop land and do not wish to build a permanent structure.We got you covered.

Shops to let

These containers can be fabricated into anything you desire.Loaded from Nairobi to where you want to be planted.This can be ideal for the following ideas.

  • Office space
  • Hotels/eateries
  • Shops
  • Shopping Complexes-Saloons e.t.c
  • And more 

Financial Obligation

  • Container cost Sh 270,000/ which is not fabricated.
  • Fabricated containers into different space is Ksh 780,000/

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Kiambu Rentals

Kiambu Rentals