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You have been looking for a 3d wallpaper ? Something that matches your taste ? Something Classy yet unique ?

We have the answers to that.We have vast majority of wallpapers to choose from.

Your vision should be surrounded with stunning images.Let us make those dreams come true.

For : 

1.Residential designs-Living room,Dining area,Bedroom and Kitchen

2. Office-Corporate Feel-Work stations designs,office designs.Meeting halls design,Common area design

3.Commercial premises-Hotels,schools among others

Check out some awesome wallpapers below

Living Room
Sitting Room Scene
Bedroom Design
Launch design
Office design
Living Room
Sitting Room
Dining Room

A high quality, artistic and durable 3 Dimensional wall finish that is environmentally friendly.3dboard can be utilized to create stand alone feature walls or a more subtle and subdued atmosphere to elegance and refinement through out the home or business.

Bedroom Design
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