House Cleaning Services by Kiambu Rentals the new vibe in Town.

House Cleaning Services by Kiambu Rentals the new vibe in Town.

House Cleaning Services by Kiambu Rentals the new vibe in Town.

Cleaning Services

When we sat in our “office” with my friend and business partner we were clueless.What do we do to extend Kiambu Rentals brand?Our  customers were happy with our services and wanted more.But we were hesitant, everyone gets scared once in a while.we would be stupid not to be.

We first had to understand the needs of our potential customers.Millennials are pretty busy generation with lots of responsibilities and limited with time.However with the power of the internet they can order a cleaning service in a click of a button.However hiring a full-time house help is expensive. And the work to be done is sometimes less.So why hire a full time house help when you can have your house cleaned by professionals at affordable prices?

cleaning services
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We intend to offer first class services so we can have them come back again and again.Time is one resource that most people do not have.Imagine waking up at 4 A.M to beat the traffic jam, working all day only to return home tired and jaded.Where is the time to clean your utensils,house,or do washing?Frankly there is no time.So we want you to have ample time on your hands by delegating those boring duties to us. We will make your house sparkle and give you the cleanliness you deserve.

Sometimes you are up with the washing and all you need is a helping hand.Well, we want to be that too.We can avail our workers to help you get your house cleaned up and save you lots of time and energy.We are offering lots of services for the people with no time to handle their cleaning duties and our rates will be affordable



The next time you are moving or having a party and time seems to be elapsing, do not worry.Have Kiambu Rentals do it for you.Our workers will be trained and back-ground check. To offer the security you crave.Our pledge is that this will go on to increase the Kiambu Rentals brand in Kiambu and around.

Welcome to the new service industry where everything is done for you.

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