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Looking for cleaning services around Kiambu and Nairobi? Do not stress we have you covered.We have a registered company with full employees and vastly equipped.We do pick ups and drop ins.We also do in house calls.

We understand you are busy . Hence we are are offering those cleaning services that make you dread cleaning chores.

Are you Looking for us ?

  • You want someone to come and clean your office ?
  • Pick up your laundry or duvet for cleaning ?
  • What about your dirty carpet?
  • That Sofa you love but it is stained ?

We offer the following

  1. Duvet & Laundry Cleaning. We have equipment which will make your duvet and laundry look sparkling.We do pick ups and drop ins.
  2. Carpet Cleaning . Looking for vacuum cleaning or steam cleaning.We have that.We can pick up and drop it.We can also come to where you are.
  3. Office & House cleaning.Looking for that sparkling clean wash for your house or office.We can be the answer you are looking.Try us today.
  4. Sofa Cleaning & Upholstery. That stained sofa or car seat needs a wash.Give us a ring and we shall be up to task.

Carpet Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

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