Should Churches be Built in Residential Area?

Should Churches be Built in Residential Area?

Should Churches be Built in Residential Area? This is a question that should be answered by us.

Should Churches be Built in Residential Area?

Before anything else, I feel I should start by stating am a christian.This is to leave no room for people to speculate otherwise.However, this is a concern we have especially in Kiambu. Churches are mushrooming day in day out.

Kenyan laws is not specific of where one can plant a church.This is the freedom of choice of religion.This has been exploited by many who build churches next to residential areas.The resulting consequence is pure chaos.

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You can not build a club next to a school or residential area.The noise is simply unbearable.However, most off the churches today have powerful public address system with very high noise levels.

God should be praised by all means necessary. But He is not deaf that we have to put loud blaring music.The intention of the public address is to make those inside the church get the information.Why do then the noise is more in the outside than inside?

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Churches should invest is sound proof walls.They will be mindful of the residents sleeping in during Sundays or the Keshas days they have.It is not fair to some people as the only rest day they have in the calendar is Sunday.

Some churches have Kesha on Friday, practice on Saturdays and service on Sunday.The immediate neighbours feel all the noise right in their sitting rooms or bedrooms.Most of the times the number of people in the church is small which do not warrant a P.A at all.

There should be a law which states where one can put a church and also regulate the noise so that everybody lives in harmony.Some tenant and land lords have suffered due to this.This does not only apply to churches but also religious organizations or groups which use public address system to pass information.

Do you feel churches should be built on designated areas?Have your thoughts and comment below

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