5 Steps on Finding your perfect Rental Home

5 Steps on Finding your perfect Rental Home

5 Steps on Finding your perfect Rental Home.

Finding your perfect rental home in Kenya can be a tricky and cumbersome affair.This is because sometimes we do not know the area we are intending to relocate to or the neighborhood.How safe is the place?How loud is the noise ?Or the retention rate of the house we intend to move in to.House with higher retention rate means that it is well maintained and the renters are happy with the place.However in contrast houses with low retention rates means that they is an underlying problem with the house.

To find your perfect rental home it will be easy when you follow these 5 steps.

1. Determine what you can pay.

When finding your perfect home this is the first step and should not be overlooked.Budgeting is what keeps one from over spending or getting into debt.So determine what you can actually pay for your perfect home and the house hunting begins.

Also above the rent budget comes other utilities such as electricity and water.Make sure it covers on the budget of the rent.

2. Brainstorm the features you are looking for.

A house is not a home without some of its features.Looking beyond the bedroom and sitting room other features such as cable connectivity and free dstv installation.Who can forget about the internet.We are in the internet age so a house supplying free WIFI is a bonus.

  • Do you want a patio or deck, or access to a backyard or shared outdoor space?
  • Do you want a fireplace?
  • Do you need a full bathroom, or would a shower do?
  • If you’re a foodie, do you want a gas stove in the kitchen?

3. Start your search.

Well this is where the hard work starts.After mapping where you want to live is time to start shopping around.The best place to start shopping around is online.Most rentals nowadays are posted online hence the best place to start online window shopping.This place is good to compare prices and also the features they offer.

After window shopping it is prudent to hit the road and meet the houses in person or send a person you trust.Some websites post pictures of houses which are photo-shopped.So be careful when viewing the photos because some houses appear fancy than they are.

4.Choose your rental type.

This the most crucial step of the stage.With this step you have to determine the amount of time you wish to spend in that area.The rental types covers questions such as which apartment you will want to rent.Upstairs or basement?Shared balcony or single balcony?Backyard or street backyard?Secured parking or street parking.All this questions would be determined by the house you wish to rent.Do you wish to rent a family house or a bedsitter.

5: Tackle the application and approval process.

After all the steps are done with and you are satisfied with the house and the location.It sis time to meet the owner or the agent to proceed with application process.This is the last step and if both parties are satisfied and money has been commit-ed then this closes the deal.Before you commit your money be aware of some house with outstanding balances such as electricity bills or water bills.

Also ensure the deposits/bond placed on the house is refundable and is not too high.Some landlords are not fancy on returning this amount so be careful.

T view rentals go tho this link.

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