5 Misconceptions About Land in Kamulu kbc. We have a lot of questions which can be addressed.

5 Misconceptions About Land in Kamulu kbc

It is easy to form misconceptions about a place you have never visited.When it comes to land you cant afford to have such misconceptions.The best way to erase such misconceptions is to visit the land.We have answered a lot of questions of clients buying land in Kamulu kbc.

We have narrowed down to the most common misconceptions.

  1. Remote Area.Most Kenyans have this notion that Kamulu is a remote area.This is further from the truth. Kangundo road has opened up this part of Kenya.It will open up more once the Kangundo road is made a dual carriage. Most people who work in Nairobi live in these areas. From Ruai ,Kamulu, Joska and Kbc (Stage 46).Good houses with amenities such as water and electricity.

    5 Misconceptions About Land in Kamulu kbc
    Projects here are at advanced stage
  2. Swampy Area.Most Kenyans think that Kamulu is a swampy area.This can not be true for those who have visited this area.This is a cosmopolitan area with good houses and shopping complexes.Also have good social joints.
  3. No documentation.The price of land here makes most think that they don’t have title deeds.Land here has title deeds.We have facilitated of almost 300 title deeds.This is for all our land owners from phase 1-phase 9.You will wait for a month and you will have your title deed.

    5 Misconceptions About Land in Kamulu kbc
    Clean documents
  4. No roads.Well, let me shock you.Land in Kamulu have good roads. Shocked? The roads leading to the plots are accessible.The future looks bright for those buying land here.After expansion of the Kangundo road then their prices will shot.

    5 Misconceptions About Land in Kamulu kbc
    Accessible roads
  5. No value in Land.Some years back plots used to cost Ksh 200,000/.Most Kenyans got the perception that land here is valueless.Now the value has risen.Most wished they bought back then.One of our client bought at Ksh 450,000/.Sold at Ksh 640,000/ after an year.Hence,the land here has value.Do not be mis-informed.Come and we take you to the land.

Its easy to dismiss something you don’t have information on.Come and book a plot with us.And realize the value of real estate in Kenya.

Click here to buy a plot for Ksh 550,000/.Making a deposit from Ksh 150,000/.Bank financing arrange.


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