5 Advantages of Buying land in Kamulu Kbc. There exists so many reasons.However we shall delve into the top 5 reasons.

5 Advantages of Buying land in Kamulu Kbc

  1. Low Price. The prices of land in Kenya have skyrocketed.This has become a huge hurdle for those wanting to own land.For a normal hardworking Kenya this has become a nightmare.Land in Kamulu has come in handy.7 years ago it used to cost about Ksh 140k. Now it cost from Ksh 450k. This is affordable since they is a flexible payment plan.This is the only place land is not over priced.5 Advantages of Buying land in Kamulu Kbc
  2. Steady growth.The growth in Kamulu has been slow but steady.It has rapidly grown after devolution. Machakos county being the leading county in development has helped a lot.When you invest in land here in some years the value will have increased tremendously.Come and put some money in this investment.
  3. Accessible Roads.Roads in Kamulu are easily accessible.The distance from Nairobi to Kamulu is short.It is a 35 minutes drive from CBD. Kangundo road which is the main road will be dual carriage soon.This will increase value in land. Machakos county has heavily invested in roads.5 Advantages of Buying land in Kamulu Kbc
  4. Readily available titles.Land without titles is a tricky business.Most Kenyans have lost land due to that factor.Land in Kamulu comes with ready title deeds.It takes a month and you will have yours.This makes it a safe business to invest in.Come and invest here and have a peace of mind.5 Advantages of Buying land in Kamulu Kbc
  5. Controlled Development.Residential plots are hard to come by.You find one but next to a high rise building. Kamulu kbc most of the plots here are residential. And most of them are controlled.This makes it easy to build your dream house.You don’t have to worry that your next neighbor will build a flat in future.5 Advantages of Buying land in Kamulu Kbc

There many reasons but we had to cut to five.Those who see the future can tell that this is the place to be.You have doubts?Its natural since its a new place.However, those who will take the risks will benefit first.

Its easy to doubt me since I am a marketer.Read an article below done by standard newspaper back in the year May 2016.Then make your judgement.

Article title : Why Nairobi residents are flocking to Kangundo road.Click here

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