Welcome to Kiambu Rentals.

Welcome to Kiambu Rentals.

Kiambu rentals is the help you were asking for.

Welcome to Kiambu Rentals.



Well, since we deal with homes and housIt’s only fitting to welcome you to my house.Not my house but now our house; Kiambu Rentals.This website is the new kid on the block.Do not worry we promise it will be the cool kid on the block.We have heard your cry and came up with a way to find the solution of house hunting.Who has the time to start hunting for houses from one corner of the town to the other?Or the energy for that matter.

Well, when we decided to start Kiambu Rentals most of our members were against this idea.The truth of the matter is I almost carved in.The need to offer those relocating or wishing to come to live in this town an easy alternative was great.Your next home is only a click away.Thousands of Kenyans are online and we will help them get a better house, an apartment, guest house or office space in Kiambu.We have also added houses for sale and also land for sale.We have done due diligence on all our propertieonOur website.

Our blog will feature some free advice on setting and the locations in Kiambu.The checklist which will offer you guidance during your house hunting.The journey to finding your next home should not be treacherous.I mean it is not as if you are looking for a job!We believe your next home should only be a click away.

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Save your time for something important such as swimming, golfing or going to work.House hunting should be left for Kiambu Rentals.On our part, we will make sure you are satisfied before moving into your next home.

Kiambu Rentals


The future is immense for this website but our passion is one; make sure all users get their ideal house.Location, security, maintenance or any amenity close to your next home.All this information will be available for our users.We will also arrange our users with scheduled visits to the property for viewing.Information is vital before renting any property in Kenya.You need to know who your neighbours are and whether your budget can be sufficient.Also, you will be able to compare the rent rates in the location.

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Well, time will tell.However, before you start your house hunting start it here in Kiambu Rentals.

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